With no fuel bills  you soon get your money back.

The first electric cars to arrive in Australia from Japan have caused a shock. They cost $70,000 each.

The tiny mites are made by Mitsubishi and are here for tests by Australian government departments before being made available to the public. A few thousand have already been sold in Japan .

The big price for the little Reach Stackers Suppliers car makes DIY electric car kits an even bigger attraction. Instead of buying the expensive new hybrids you can simply convert your existing vehicle with an electric car kit.

Professional conversions cost $3000 or more but DIY totals about $300. – a saving of  $69,700 over the Mitsubishi tot.

With no fuel bills  you soon get your money back. It costs about $1 to charge your car from your electric plug at home. You can travel up to 100 miles (160.9 km) on a simple charge. And don’t think electric cars are slow. You will get up to 55mph (88.5 kph)

The DIY conversions are quick to do and require no special mechanical knowledge. All you need is a conversion manual. Conversions can be done on any type of vehicle in any country.

There are various manuals on the market but the one I recommend costs under $50, which I think, is the cheapest manual currently available. It also comes with numerous bonuses and a money-back guarantee.

Another big advantage of converting your own vehicle to electric is you will probably get a lot more space. The new Mitsubishi mite doesn’t have much room.

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